KV331 Audio SynthMaster Semi-Modular Software Synthesizer, Electronic Download


If you're seeking a comprehensive, semi-modular software synthesizer and effect plug-in, look no further than the SynthMaster. This all-encompassing digital audio workstation offers a multitude of synthesis methods, including VA, Additive, Wavetable, Wavescanning, Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Pulse Width Modulation, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, Physical Modeling, and SFZ Sample Playback synthesis. SynthMaster's multi-algorithm oscillators, combined with its analog modeled/digital filters, provide a rich and diverse sound palette. The flexible effects routing, featuring 11 types of high-quality effects, and an extensive modulation architecture with 95 separate modulation sources and over 650 modulation targets, make this software a must-have for any synthesizer enthusiast. This cross-platform software runs as a VST, AAX instrument on both Windows and Mac OSX, and as an Audio Unit instrument on Mac OSX. It comes pre-loaded with 1250 factory presets, crafted by a world-class team of sound designers, providing a vast array of sounds to inspire your creativity.SynthMaster's semi-modular architecture allows for two layers per instance, each with its own arpeggiator, oscillators, modulators, filters, envelopes, and keyscalers. The modulators can be used to modulate frequency, phase, amplitude, or pulse width of the oscillators or any other modulators at audio rate, or they can be used as regular oscillators. The software also features a powerful arpeggiator with classic modes and adjustable parameters for each of the 32 steps. The 'basic' oscillators are capable of synthesizing a variety of waveforms, and each comes with 17 different algorithms. SynthMaster's 'Additive' and 'Vector' oscillators offer further sound design possibilities, while the 'Wavetable' oscillator allows for waveform scanning through 16 different shapes. The software also boasts stereo oscillators with unison/voice stacking for a rich "supersaw" type sound. The software's analog filters are modeled after the famous ladder filter, and digital filters are biquad filters with a hard limiter in their output. The new 'multimode' and 'dual' filter types offer even more flexibility in sound shaping. SynthMaster also includes a rich set of effects, flexible effects routing, microtuning support, a comprehensive preset browser, an online preset browser, multiple skins, and the ability to import MIDI patterns as arpeggiator sequences and WAV/AIFF multisamples as SFZ definitions. In summary, SynthMaster is a versatile and powerful software synthesizer and effect plug-in that offers a wide range of sound design possibilities, making it an essential tool for any music producer or sound designer.



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