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Lightspeed VPN Security The secure way to enjoy the web without compromising on speed.• Privacy: Prevent businesses and governments from spying on you• Security: Ensure that your data is not intercepted by cybercriminals• Freedom: Discover more content worldwide by connecting to the fastest servers Everything you need to stay protected Privacy The VPN hides your identity and online activity from businesses and governments recording your behavior. IP address masking Your unique IP will be masked by our servers, ensuring no one can trace back your devices and geolocation. Zero activity logs Search and browse without anything or anyone keeping digital records of your activity and history. Security Whether you do shopping, banking, video calls or emails, hackers can never intercept and steal your data. Encrypted data Military-grade 256 bit encryption prevents criminals from stealing the data which you send and receive. Safe banking Data encryption also ensures that your online banking and payment details can never be intercepted. Freedom Get ultra-fast internet to access the best content wordwide, without barriers and whenever you want. Ultra-fast connection By using our fast VPN servers, nothing can slow you down online. No geo-restrictions Access your favorite shows, movies & websites from anywhere in the world. Your online activity is your own business Without a VPN, anyone can see what you do online. Cybercriminals intercept more and more user data Over 12 billion user records, including names, addresses and credit card details, are stolen each year. By 2023, it will be 36 billion records a year. Governments might snoop on your personal life Hide yourself from citizen surveillance programs which are used around the globe to spy on ordinary people. Big companies harvest and sell your personal data Last year, big US tech companies alone spent $18 billion on programs to record, acquire & analyse customer data. Internet providers throttle you down Stop your internet provider from reducing your streaming speed during peak times. The freedom and speed which you need With one click, our VPN selects the fastest server for you from 2000+ options in your choice of 30+ countries.Kaspersky VPN engine rated as the World's Fastest VPN in 2019 and 2020.



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