Subway Cultured Marble Shower Wall Ella Walk In Baths Color: Light Gray Gloss
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Update your bathroom cultured marble shower walls. This shower wall comes in a white, glossy finish with the 4 × 8 brick pattern wrapping all around. The 0.25″ thick panels are durable and feel like a stone to the touch, unlike acrylic shower walls that feel like plastic. When 2” trim is added vertically into the back wall that will add 2” to the width. The back and sidewall panels are cut to size. The back wall of the 8-panel shower consists of two 30” x 60” panels stacked on top of two 30” x 30” shorter panels creating a 60” x 90” wall. The 36” x 60” side panels are stacked on top of 36” x 30” panels and are cut to size to accommodate shower base or bathtub from 30” to 36” width. The side walls are installed over the back-wall panel covering the cut edges. All shower panels are treated as regular tile and joints are finished with the grout or preferably with matching color 100% silicone. Can be carried by a single person and perfect for a DIY project. Package 3 additionally offers two corner shelves, one side shelf, and six trim pieces. Package 4 offers eight shower panels, plus 6 trim pieces Ella Walk In Baths Color: Light Gray Gloss



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