1883 Sandusky Ohio Map


Published by the prominent and prolific WJ Morgan Lithography Company, this birds-eye perspective shows Sandusky in a period of prosperity, growth, and expansion. Located on the northern shores of Lake Erie midway between Toledo and Cleveland, Sandusky has a history that days back to the mid-eighteenth century as a trading outpost for English, French, and Americans. Sandusky was officially incorporated in 1824, and its proximity to Lake Erie allowed it to develop a flourishing economy primarily based on the movement of goods from the ports in the East. The mild climate also created a thriving winemaking and agricultural industry that exists to this day. WJ Morgan Lithography was established in 1866 and still produces maps to this day. In 1887 they became the exclusive producer of marketing materials for the Ringling Brothers Circus and won awards at Bothe the Chicago Exposition and Paris World Fair for their large-scale billboard-sized posters. They were the first company to produce posters in this style. This detailed birds-eye perspective bears a unique aesthetic and distinctive style that immediately transports the viewer back in time, creating an indelible bond between the past and present. Birdseye perspectives were used as promotional materials for cities across the nation and detailed notable civic features, buildings, and other enticing aspects to attract residents and merchants alike. They were popular from the mid-nineteenth century until the 1920s with advances in aerial photography. This stunning depiction is an authentic piece of American cartographical history.Our museum quality giclee print comes printed with archival ink on premium heavyweight matte paper. Overall Size: 18" H x 24" W