Last Summer by Decorumby - Graphic Art DecorumBY Format: Wrapped Canvas, Size: 30" H x 40" W x 1.5" D


Show off your personality while making an impactful statement to your décor with these stunning museum-quality art pieces. Both results are a completely realistic ultra-HD photo print which has vivid colors, bold contrasts, UV protected, and is halftone-free. The first thing to note is that you can’t go wrong with either medium!HD Acrylic: On 1/4" acrylic pieces the image is back-mounted under the acrylic. Because the image is printed using metallic UltraHD photo paper, this format will give you sharper lines and edges at higher resolutions. There is a reflective property with acrylic in which light refracts through the acrylic glass, giving your photos substance and depth, as well as superb image quality from edge to edge. The diamond-pearl aluminum creates a stunning shimmer with a satin seen enhancing the reflective properties of the image. Images appear crisp and are very visible in brightly light areas while maintaining an overall metallic sheen. This makes it suitable for outdoor areas or bathrooms and comes ready to hang. Canvas Art: Classic canvas texture with clear luminous colors, using an 8-color printing process and a 5-ink overlay to ensuring the porous material absorbs the ink giving the piece a lively bold look with a soft feel. DecorumBY Format: Wrapped Canvas, Size: 30" H x 40" W x 1.5" D