Eyebrow Tattoo Pencil 4 Fork Tip 3d Microblading, 2024 Upgrade New 4-Tip Eyebrow Pencil Natural Makeup Fine Stroke Magic Eyebrow Pencil, Eye Brown Makeup Long-Lasting Eyebrow Pencil Stay On All Day


☺3D Brow pencil: Experience our unique brow pencil with the innovative four-point nib. Effortlessly brush your eyebrows to ensure clear roots and a natural, long-lasting look. The rich liquid coloring formula ensures a long-lasting, natural makeup effect that gives you a beautiful look..✔All weather and : Our long-lasting formula ensures that your makeup stays the same all day, even when sweating, rain and water sports. Say goodbye to stains and fading and enjoy worry- eternal beauty..☆Brow Makeup: This - eyebrow pencil is a favorite of beginners and alike. Simply apply the color to your eyebrow . Repeating the steps will allow you to improve depth and get clearer, more natural eyebrows while saving time..♥Eyebrow pencil: Our eyebrow pencil has a -fork applicator, which makes it easier to draw natural eyebrows compared to regular eyebrow pencils. Each creates clear, defined eyebrows that draw everyone's attention..✿Create a natural look: For best results, apply an eyebrow pencil to dry skin or do not use any protective products. Avoid using it on powder, as the oil on the can clog the nib and cause uneven application. Apply it directly to your eyebrows for a longer-lasting, smoother effect.



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