TOMSHIELE 1000V 5PCS 30A Solar Panel Fuse Solar fuse connectors Solar Surge Protection Device for Solar Panel and Solar Controller Waterproof Solar Fuse Connector


【Safety Protection】: TOMSHIELE's solar plug-in fuse holder is manufactured with high-quality PPO material, providing reliable additional protection for your solar panels, solar controllers, and other key equipment in photovoltaic systems. Once the fuse exceeds the rated ampere, it promptly interrupts the circuit, ensuring that photovoltaic appliances are not damaged by overcurrent and short circuits..【High Waterproof Rating】: With an IP67 waterproof rating, it effectively prevents water and dust from entering the fuse holder, protecting the circuit from the influence of moist environments and extending the equipment's lifespan..【Easy Installation】: Designed with simplicity, it is easy and quick to install, reducing both time and cost even for non-professionals during installation processes..【Circuit Protection】: TOMSHIELE's solar plug-in fuse holder can timely disconnect the circuit, effectively preventing overcurrent from damaging the solar power system, ensuring long-term stable operation..【Wide Applicability】: Suitable for various solar systems and circuits, meeting the connection needs of solar panels and battery packs with different specifications and power, providing more flexibility and reliability for your solar power system.



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