Computer Privacy Screen Protector - Features Optical Grade Flat View and High Transmittance, Hanging Style, Anti-Blue Light, Suitable for 23", 23.6", 23.8", and 24" Desktop Monitors (16:9/16:10), Easy to Install


【Universal Size Compatibility 】: Computer Privacy Screen Protector optimally designed for 23", 23.6", 23.8", and 24" Widescreen Monitors with 16:9/16:10 Aspect Ratio. Perfectly compatible with popular brands such as HP, Dell, Samsung, LG, and ViewSonic. The tailored filter dimensions are: Width: 21.5" (546.1mm), Height: 12.6" (320.04mm)..【Easy Installation】: Get rid of the hassle with our quick and convenient hanging-type installation. The protector can be removed any time without leaving any adhesive traces on your monitor, keeping your screen clean and pristine..【Eye Protection】: Long hours in front of a computer no longer equals eye strain. Our blue light blocking technology intercepts harmful light sources, protecting your eyes and keeping them comfortable. Additionally, the screen filter effectively prevents dust, fingerprints, and scratches, prolonging your monitor's lifespan..【Superior Privacy】 Sleep easy knowing your sensitive data is safe. Our privacy screen protector provides optimal privacy, ensuring that the screen content is visible only when viewed directly (within a +-30° scope). This prevents outsiders from viewing your display, keeping your information secure..【Lifetime Replacement Guarantee】: We prioritize customer satisfaction. Our friendly customer support team stands ready to assist with any issues or suggestions you might have. We promise a lifetime replacement guarantee for your peace of mind. Trust in our lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee.