Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit, SmartTone Technology, Handheld Telephone Line Circuit Finder Audio Generator Locator Cable Detector Tool


Enhanced Durability: Crafted with premium materials, this cable tester is designed to withstand long-term use and resist wear, ensuring durability and reliability..Accurate and Reliable Testing: Trustworthy and highly accurate, this cable tester guarantees safe and reliable testing for telephone and LAN cables, making it an essential tool for electricians and professionals..Easy Wire Pair Identification: With SmartTone technology, identifying correct wire pairs becomes a breeze. The generated cadence changes when shorting the far end of a cable pair, allowing for easy and precise verification of wire connections..Smart Function for Precise Pairing: Utilize the Pro3000 analog audio generator's SmartTone function to accurately recognize and pair wires. Simplify your cable troubleshooting process with this intelligent feature..Distinct Tones for Easy Identification: Hear 5 distinct tones through the probe thanks to SmartTone technology. Effortlessly identify and match the exact wire pair needed, saving time and effort during cable testing.



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