Velpeau Air CAM Walking Boot for Broken Foot - Dual Independent Inflatable - Orthopedic Boot for Stress Fracture, Post-Op Rehab (Unisex, Short, Small)


【Short Version】The VELPEAU Short Walking Boot offers foot support with enhanced ankle mobility and flexibility. It's ideal for postoperative foot surgery, metatarsal and digital fractures, and soft tissue trauma in the foot and ankle. Designed for less severe injuries requiring less support, it minimizes the irritation to the shin for added convenience..【Adjustable Compression and Protection】The Walker Boot features two inflatable airbags that can independently adjust compression support to each side, effectively reducing swelling while providing customizable comfort. Additionally, the widened toe pad offers forefoot protection for added safety during recovery..【Effective Limb Support】The Walker Brace Boot utilizes a durable semi-rigid external shell to provide comprehensive limb support and protection. It facilitates the healing process and assists in transitioning the foot through weight-bearing stages following the initial injury..【Boot Liner and Wedges】The detachable inner liner of the Walking Boot can be easily removed for washing, allowing users to effortlessly maintain cleanliness. Additionally, the included heel wedges are designed for four-phase usage to aid in aligning the heel correctly while walking. This helps reduce excessive pronation or supination, enhancing foot function by stabilizing weak or rotating ankles..【Enhanced Walking Experience】Experience a smoother walking motion with the advanced anti-slip, shock-absorbing outsole technology to reduce the impact on the affected limb and mimic a natural walking motion. It’s lightweight design ensures both comfort and prolonged wear.