Genuine W10830288 Refrigerator LED Power Supply Board - AP6004427 4458822 PS11737860 W10635302 W10790783 W10814803 W11113852 W11185975


This LED control board (part number W10830288) is for refrigerators. LED control board W10830288 manages the operation of the interior LED lights. W10830288 Refrigerator LED Control Board Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part W10830288 Fits these fridge models:.JFX2897DRM02 JFX2897DRP02 JS42NXFXDE00 JS42NXFXDE01 JS42PPDUDE00 JS42PPDUDE01 JS42SSDUDE00 JS42SSDUDE01 JS48NXFXDE00 JS48NXFXDE01 JS48PPDUDE00 JS48PPDUDE01 JS48SSDUDE00JS48SSDUDE01 596.72382413 596.72383413 596.72389413 KBSD602ESS01 KBSD606ESS01 KBSD608EBS01 KBSD608ESS01 KBSD612ESS00 KBSD612ESS01 KBSD618ESS00 KBSD618ESS01.KBSN602EBS00 KBSN602EBS01 KBSN602EPA00 KBSN602EPA01 KBSN602ESS01 KBSN608EBS00 KBSN608EBS01 KBSN608EPA00 KBSN608EPA01 KBSN608ESS00 KBSN608ESS01 KRFF507ESS01 KRFF707EBS00 KRFF707ESS01 MFT2776FEZ01 MFX2676FRZ00 MFX2876DRM02 WRF767SDEM01 WRX986SIHV00 WRX986SIHZ00 WRX988SIBM03



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