Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer - 85kPa Strong Suction Vacuum Sealing Machine with Regular and Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids - Silent Rechargeable Portable Vacuum Sealer for Food Storage - Blue


【30s Quick Vacuum】 Mason jar vacuum sealer kit with regular and wide mouth mason jar lids, suitable for regular and wide mouth mason jars (mason jars not included). Make sure the vacuum sealers are centered and pressed firmly against the lid of the jar, click the button to start the vacuum pump, wait approximately 30s for the air in the bottle to drain, click the button again to turn it off..【85 kPa Strong Suction Vacuum Food Sealer】 Upgraded high-performance motor to solve the problem of insufficient suction. It can discharge the air in the mason jar in a short time, create a vacuum environment, and better help you extend the freshness and storage time of food. Thereby reducing food waste. The electric mason jar vacuum sealer works quietly, so you don't have to worry about noise..【Rechargeable Portable Vacuum Machine】 This jar vacuum sealer adopts a fully electric upgrade mode, and the 2500 mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery lasts longer, charging for 2 hours, and can work continuously for about 5 hours. Equipped with a built-in large LED screen to ensure that the battery status and working time are clearly visible and can be easily vacuum sealed. It is the perfect companion for outdoor activities such as traveling, camping or picnicking..【Electric Mason Jar Sealer, Free Your Hands】 With the mason jar vacuum sealer, you only need to press the button lightly and wait for about 30s to complete the vacuum seal, saving you more time. You no longer need to press the manual vacuum pump with both hands ten or twenty times, and you no longer need a pile of accessory hoses to make your desktop very messy..【Integrated Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer】 The Mason jar sealer adopts a portable design. It is not as bulky as a conventional sealer and does not require various accessories. One-touch vacuuming is easy to operate, saving time for busy home cooks. It's small and doesn't take up space, you can take it with you when traveling or picnicking, making it easier to keep food fresh and sealed.



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