B2 Wireless Tattoo Power Supply, Adjustable Voltage for DC Jack Tattoo Pen Machine, LED Screen, Convenient Use (Black)


[Adjustable voltage for precise control] - Tattoo power supply with 4 to 12V adjustable voltage, accurate to 0.1V, ensures optimal speed for different tattoo parts..[-lasting battery power] - Built-in 1300mAh battery allows the tattoo pen power supply to work for 4 to 6 hours when fully charged, perfect for large area tattoos..[Convenient and cordless usage] - Say goodbye to traditional power supplies and multiple accessories. Our tattoo power supply eliminates the need for cords, clip cords, and foot pedals, making it incredibly convenient to use..[Enhanced accuracy with led display] - LED screen on the tattoo power supply provides voltage output display, ensuring accurate tattooing experience with convenience..[Stable connection for hassle- operation] - The wireless tattoo battery utilizes a secure DC port, offering a firm connection to most standard DC tattoo machines without any fall off.