Yaocom Eye Wash Station Pedestal Mounted Eyewash Station Adjustable Water Flow Hands Free Operation Eye Wash Units Stainless Steel Eye Washing Station with Dual Spray Heads and Pedal


Comprehensive Eye Washing Design for Safety: one of the standout features of the eye wash station is its dual spray heads and shower design, which offers comprehensive eye washing; In addition, there are inbuilt filters in spray heads that ensures the water is free of impurities, providing comfortable water flow; It can meet the 15 minutes eyewash requirement and achieve hands free eyewash.Safe Quality and Durability: the whole eyewash station is mainly made of 304 stainless steel, strong and not easy to rust, resistant to corrosion and easy to clean, and it boasts about 11.81 inches/ 300 mm large diameter eyewash basin and vertical bowl wall design to achieve better water collection effect and no splashing; The widened and thickened stainless steel foot pedal, annular groove design, more stable and safer to use.Easy Installation: the eye washing station can be quickly installed for many occasions; Control the water flow and on/off by manually pulling the shower rod and pushing by hand; The design caters to a quick and easy use process that makes the product suitable for most places where eyewash equipment is needed, such as petrochemical plants, hospitals, laboratories, schools, gas stations, fire stations and more.Easy to Operate: just press the eye wash station kit to open, no need to press it all the time; The convenient hands free operation can prevent your hands from contaminating your eyes again and causing secondary eye damage; You can also use the foot pedal to open quickly; The integrated dust cover is not easy to lose, and when It will open automatically when water comes; The dust cover can keep the spray head clean and prevent clogging.Striking Color for Quick Identification: accidents can happen in a split second, and in situations where eye washing is required, time is crucial; This eye wash kit station features eye catching yellow eyewash signs, which provides high visibility and enables quick identification; This insightful use of color can possibly aid in needed situations, allowing for immediate and appropriate response