HANN&CO Activated Carbon High Flow HEPA Cabin Filter With Braided Stitching Process For Hyundai,KIA Replacement CF12160(HCC1811)


Cabin Air Filter With Four-Layer Filtration Structure, Using Swiss Sanitized Biopolyphenolase Technology.Use of Activated Carbon With Secondary Activation. With an Iodine Value >1500, It Has an Extremely High Adsorption Capacity For Harmful Gases And Odours And Is Not Easily Released. Complete Adsorption of Toluene, Sulphur Dioxide And N-Butane.Through The Deep Interception of Electret Fibers And High-Density Woven Composite Layer, The Filtration Efficiency of 0.3μM Particles Reaches 96.4%, And Particles Above 10μM Can Be 100% Filtered Out.Unique High-Density Woven Skeleton For Maximum Breathability. The Skeleton Structure Is Completely Fixed By Stitching Without Using Any Adhesive. Has Excellent Gas Permeability With an Air Filtration Flow Rate of ≥2000L (M³/S).Products Are Suitable For Hyundai Tucson,Kona, Veloster, Venue;KIA Sportage,Soul,Seltos.Products Are Designed To Last 8,500-12,000 Miles ( Using The PTI-A2 Dust Test ) Replacement Intervals Can Be Adjusted To Suit The Environment Without Judgment Based on Hours of Use. Excessive Dust Can Clog The Filter And It Is Best To Replace It When You Notice A Reduction In Airflow