Feamero Radial Nerve Palsy Splint, Adjustable Finger Extension Brace, Lift Elastic Splint for Drop Wrist, Radial Nerve Injury, Mcp Arthroplasty, Crutch Palsy Treatment, Fit Left & Right Hand


Ergonomic Design - FEAMERO Radial nerve palsy splint mimics tendons to enhance finger and hand functionality to help extend,support wrist,while straighten, lift up the finger,wrist is splinted in slight extension for maximum function for improve drop wrist symptoms. This splint is a very practical option for patients to wear while they wait for the radial nerve to regenerate,improved grip through dynamic,resistive support of the hand, wrist and finger..Optimum Rehab Option - Assist exercises to strengthen your muscles and increase wrist and fingers range of motion;support and immobilize the wrist and hand, prevent you from re-injuring while the radial nerve healing; relieve symptoms while maintaining movement of your wrist and hand, maintain muscle strength can help to heal and improve nerve function, Compensate for impaired nerve function, help actively extend them. Unisex, can be worn on either the left or right hand..Ultra Performance - Modified splint co-design with pro therapists, low profile splint is easy to construct and uses elastic to pull the fingers back into the extended position;Split finger design-Four functional finger adjust elastic strap-loops,stretching force and angle can be adjusted individually, lager adjustable range satisfy varying extention needs. Hand splint features cushioned padding keep the upper limbs, wrist and fingers in the optimal healing position..Escalate Wearing Experience - Ergonomically shaped for snug fit and maintain optimal healing position.Two wrist straps, palm strap are all adjustable, ensure a secure fit. Semi-open design allow partial wrist move and full fingers usage.Minimalist appearance, subtle, low-profile, made of lightweight material for no burden to wear, foam padding added comfort, lined with skin-friendly cotton, gentle and non-irritating..Escalate Wearing Experience - Please rest assured to buy!If you are not satisfied with the function of the product, or the size is not suitable, you can contact us immediately for free return. an affordable and more convenient wrist and fingers radial nerve parsy brace choice; immobilization can be made possible with a splint,controlling the wrist, fingers, and triceps;easy to use and can effectively restore finger joint movement, prevent and reduce flexion contracture.



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