Mertia Jewels® (Pack of 120) Extra Premium Soft Ear Lobe Support Patches/Ear Lobe Support Patches for Earrings/Ear Lobe Patches/Ear Patches for (Extra Premium Ear Lobe Support Patches (Pack of 120))


Allows women to wear heavy earrings comfortably, and for a longer period of time.Provides relief from damaged, torn and stretched ear lobes. Prevents stretching and tearing of earlobe from the weight of earring..Helps alleviate skin sensitivity to many earring backings.Help protect healthy ear lobes against tearing from the weight of earrings.Easy to use and remove - Effective with all types of earrings such as studs, hoops, danglers, etc..Safe and effective alternative to expensive, painful plastic surgery. Clear patches that are waterproof and unnoticeable once applied..Say Goodbye to Visible Stretching - Stick to our no-clip solution to visibly fix lobe tear and get back to all of those heavy earrings you put away. The patch holds up your earring so there are no ear slits, tears or visible ripping - its the ultimate visible ear lobe mender.How To Use for Best Results - Press the sticker on the back of the lobe, slip the earring through your piercing and the patch to hold the earring in place. To remove, simply pull the earring from your ear gently, and unstick the patch from the back of the ear. Discard & use a fresh patch for the next event..Clear & Undetectable Patch - The patch is clear and sticks to the back of your earlobe, making the entire patch completely invisible, so you feel confident in any earring flaunting an up-do, or any other style.Support For Any Size Earring - Our earring support patches will help with any size earring so you can show off large hoops, or long dangly earrings keeping them comfortable and in place all day & night!.Prevents Lobe Tears - Sitting behind the ear lobe directly behind the piercing, the earring slides through the patch that bears most of the weight of the earring, supporting and relieving the pressure on your ear skin to prevent any further rips or tearing



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