Poodle Pet Slicker Brush + Medium Slicker Brush Bundle


#1 DOG AND CAT SLICKER BRUSH - Best rated in 2023 by Pet Keen, Hepper and more, and trusted by millions of pet owners..USE POODLE PET’S PET GROOMING TOOL ON DOGS AND CATS: The primary purpose of this slicker brush is to get rid of any debris, loose hair mats, and knots in the fur. It is rectangular in shape and has fine wire bristles packed tightly together. Each wire bristle is angled slightly to prevent scratches to the skin..THE FINE, WIRE PINS REACH INTO THE UNDERCOAT TO REMOVE LOOSE HAIR. Regular use deters matting and helps tidy the hair. If you come across a mat, brush the mat in different directions using the rotating feature. This will help loosen the mat until you can brush through it. Be careful not to pull the hair..STRONG & DURABLE: Crafted of premium wood or rubber and rust-proof stainless steel to ensure a quality dog grooming tool that will last a long time..ERGONOMIC GRIP: Super comfortable grip handle that will not slip out of your hand. It makes brushing your pet a pleasure as well as super safe.



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