Solar Wind Power Generator Panels Extender Battery Car Wind Generator Battery Life Small 12V Extension Extender 125V Clock Generators


Parameter: wind extending generator working voltage is 12V 125V,the rated frequency is 50HZ 60HZ,the mechanical is resistant to 0.5J repeated and the adaptable temperature is 30℃ 80℃..How To Use: The product is connected to the battery supply, and the internal microcomputer intelligent chip of the product is started. Through the wind generation of the product, the low voltage is converted into high voltage to the vehicle battery..Summary Of Selling Points: supply from and wind. Description of selling points This product is equipped with a wind for range extender and battery car generator. It can not only effectively use and wind for supply, greatly improve the endurance, but also is environmentally friendly and saving, achieving true Green travel..VERSATILE for ideal for various vehicles, tricycles, and 4 wheel vehicles. plug and play for use..Applicable Vehicle: The generator is applicable to vehicle, tricycle, 4 wheel vehicle, etc., plug and play, and practical.