Alaska’s Wild Spruce Tea


UNIQUE ALASKAN BLEND: Experience the unique flavor of tea made from young, tender spruce tips harvested from the wild forests of Alaska's interior..DELIGHTFUL FLAVOR PROFILE: Enjoy the distinctive blend of citrusy sweetness and resinous, piney depth, a testament to Alaska's short, intense spring season..SENSORY EXPERIENCE: Breathe in the enticing piney aroma, savor the sharp yet subtly sweet notes on your palate, and appreciate a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of crisp Alaskan air..NATURAL INGREDIENT: Made from ethically foraged spruce tips, a natural component known to contain Vitamin C, although the actual amount can vary..HEALTHFUL BREW: Enjoy this invigorating tea as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle..PERFECT GIFT: Ideal for adventurous tea drinkers, nature enthusiasts, or anyone seeking unique flavors that transport you to different places..WILDERNESS IN A CUP: Experience a piece of the Alaskan wilderness with each cup of our revitalizing Spruce Tip Tea.



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