2023 Spartan - Root Activator Shampoo, Spartan Shampoo -Spartan Hair Growth Shampoo Main Ingredients: Licorice Root, Ginger Root, Black Sesame, Lemon, Astragalus Extract (100ml)


【Spartan Shampoo】 : Root- Activator Shampoo has the effect of promoting scalp circulation and helping hair melanin production. This allows you to keep your hair's natural color. It is especially beneficial for people with premature graying of hair.Continuous use for 30 days.【Nourish Hair Care】 : Provides sufficient nutrition for hair, deeply nourishes hair and scalp. Magically restores hair to look vibrant and youthful; enhances hair color and maintains its brightness..【Restore Hair Color】 : Use the new black hair shampoo to instantly restore natural hair color, go from gray hair to vibrant brunette, restore confidence, look and feel younger..【Natural Formula】 : Main ingredients: licorice root, ginger root, black sesame, lemon, astragalus extract.【Organic And Safe】 : Use our gray hair shampoo, say goodbye to hair dye, and embrace natural hair color easily.



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