Glovv 100QT (28oz) Sphagnum Moss for Reptiles and Plants, Reptile Moss for Humidity, Live Moss for Leopard Gecko, Ball Python Tank Accessories, Frog, Chameleon, Snake, Tortoise Habit


Strong humidification: reptile moss for humidity is a natural material with excellent water absorption. By adding water, sphagnum moss for reptiles can effectively absorb humidity, providing a comfortable living environment for reptile pets. But please note that excess water should be squeezed out during use to prevent pets from getting damp due to excessive moisture..Widely used: reptile moss for terrarium supplies can be used as bedding materials for reptile pets, such as frogs, snake, tortoise, chameleon, crested gecko, ball python, and can also be used for soil improvement in gardens and potted plants. Reptile moss for humidity makes the sphagnum moss for reptiles very practical and multifunctional..Light weight and portability: due to reptile moss for humidity is light weight and convenient carrying and placement, leopard gecko tank accessories is very suitable for any terrarium, providing pets with comfort and shelter in the natural environment. Sphagnum moss for reptiles can be used as a resting or activity place for pets during travel..Easy to clean: terrarium moss is easy to clean, and when reptile moss for humidity used in glass containers and reptile bedding, cleaning is also very convenient. Simply remove the live moss for frog terrarium from the plants and rinse sphagnum moss for reptiles with clean water to maintain its cleanliness and hygiene..High quality material: sphagnum moss for reptiles is made from high-quality pure terrarium moss and is a live moss, ensuring the quality and safety of the product. Live moss for terrarium supplies as a reptile bedding is an economical choice because it has a longer lifespan and is easy to maintain.



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