Houlu 9 in Ceramic White Than Tai Ong Dia Statues, Vietnamese Money Buddha Statues for Home Decor


Ideal for Altar Placement: Crafted at a 9-inch height, these Ceramic White Than Tai and Ong Dia statues are designed with the traditional Bàn Thờ in mind. Typically placed on the floor, their size aligns perfectly with altar settings, ensuring a harmonious fit within sacred spaces..Vivid Appearance: The Than Tai Tho Dia statues stand out with their vibrant and vivid skin and eye features. This lifelike quality adds depth and authenticity to the figures, enhancing their visual appeal and making them stand apart as exquisite pieces of art..Elegant Gold Accents: Certain elements of the statues are adorned with delicate strokes of 11 K gold, imparting an air of elegance and sophistication. The use of this gilded embellishment adds a touch of luxury to the figures, elevating their aesthetic appeal..Cultural Symbolism: These ceramic white Buddha statues represent the iconic Vietnamese figures, Than Tai and Ong Dia, often associated with prosperity and fortune. Than Tai is known as the Money Buddha and symbolizes wealth and abundance, while Ong Dia is the Earth God, believed to protect homes and bring luck..Decorative Accent: The statues serve as more than just symbols of fortune; they also serve as beautiful decorative pieces. Whether placed on an altar, shelf, or tabletop, their aesthetic appeal and cultural significance make them conversation starters and captivating additions to any interior setting.



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