Purelife Himalayan Salt Iodized White Fine Natural, Unrefined, Extra Fine Gourmet Rock Salt- 1.1lbs & Aegean Sea Salt Coarse PET Bottle- Extra Fine Grain, Hand Harvested, Unprocessed Sea Salt 250g


KOSHER CERTIFIED WHITE FINE IODIZED 100% NATURAL HIMALAYAN SALT: Purelife Himalayan Salt is a gluten, soy, allergen, MSG and anti-caking agent-free unrefined Kosher Rock Salt with 84 trace minerals. Suitable for vegan, paleo, keto use. Crafted naturally from pure Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt mines and ground to an extra fine grain to fit your salt shaker. Purelife Fine Iodized White Himalayan Salt is iodized and packed in a KOSHER and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System certified facility..AEGEAN SEA SALT IN REFILLABLE PET JAR WITH CERAMIC SALT MILL TO GRIND COARSE SALT GRAINS: Purelife Aegean Sea Salt Mills are ceramic high quality user friendly grinders. Refill your Purelife Salt Grinders with Purelife Aegean Coarse Sea Salt Grains tens of times! Great taste and larger grains; Table Coarse Salts are preferred by Chefs. Aegean Sea Salt’s soft texture brings the unique taste. extra fine salt grains to turn your foods into gourmet meals!.WHY IODIZED UNREFINED NATURAL SALT: Iodine is essential for mental and physical development, as it is a key component of thyroid hormones that play a vital role in metabolism, weight management, moderating the nervous system, and boosting the immune system. So we offer the perfect solution by enriching our natural salt with Potassium Iodate, ensuring you receive the necessary iodine effortlesly from the very product you consume on a daily basis. Purelife Salt is both unprocessed and iodized!.WHY NATURALLY WHITE HIMALAYAN SALT: Himalayan Rock Salt renowned for its health benefits, retaining vital water-soluble minerals for a healthy body such as Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Calcium, Iron & other beneficial trace elements. Salt turns red when it contains high rate of heavy metals but Purelife White Himalayan Salt has a perfect mineral balance. Untouched by refining processes or harmful chemicals. Free from sands, microplastics. Experience the Himalayan naturality that Purelife brings!.GREATE TASTE: Besides wellbeing purposes; as Purelife Aegean Sea Salt is 100% natural, it’s a gourmet salt itself as natural salts have smoother taste than refined salt ones. You can enjoy your gourmet sea salt in your soups, stews, vegetables, meats, egg, potato, salads, pasta, desserts & etc. Purelife Aegean Sea Salt brings amazing taste on grilled meat or grilled vegetable that cooked in barbeque. You can add Purelife Sea Salt in seasonings or blends for baking purposes.



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