Idaho Jones Pump in Comfort Bundle: Flange Inserts & Cushy Silicone Flanges for Breast Pumps - Optimize Your Pumping Experience!


Customizable Pumping Fit: Get the perfect fit with Idaho Jones Flange Inserts and Cushy Silicone Flanges, converting 24mm flanges to 17mm effortlessly, for a comfortable hands-free pumping experience..Medical-Grade Silicone: Our bundle includes the highest quality silicone inserts and flanges, providing a soft, grippy texture that mimics a baby's latch for superior comfort and efficiency..Compatible with Top Brands: Enjoy the convenience of using our bundle with popular pump brands like Spectra, Elvie, Willow, and more, ensuring compatibility and ease of use..Gentle and Effective Pumping: Cushy Silicone Flanges gently compress the nipple and areola, while Idaho Jones Flange Inserts offer a more precise fit, resulting in a more graceful and efficient pumping session..Empower Your Pumping Journey: This bundle empowers moms to optimize their pumping setup and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable pumping experience. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a smoother pumping routine!



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