CeruGuard Disk Hearing Aid Ear Wax Guards for Phonak and Unitron RIC RITE Hearing Aids(2 Pack)


>> Each disk has 8 wax guards, which can effectively prevent receivers from earwax, dust and other substances blocking the receiver. The service life of the hearing aid can be extended with continued use of CeruGuard Disk..>>Please note that CeruGuard Disk is only compatible with Phonak and Unitron RIC hearing aids with SDS 4.0 receivers. It fits: Phonak Marvel hearing aids, Phonak Paradise hearing aids, Unitron Blu hearing aids, Unitron Discover hearing aids, Unitron Discover Next hearing aids. CeruGuard Disk is NOT compatible with older model hearing aids and older receivers..>>CeruGuard Disk is made of ABS plastic material, which is high-quality and environmentally friendly..>>Rotate the disk following the arrow with the fingers to remove the old wax guard and replace with a new one, which is very easy and convenient for customers to use.