Security Tags Sensor Kit, RF 8.2Khz Sound Light Alarm Retail Anti-Theft Equipment with 100pcs Clothing Security Tags Magnetic Tool for Supermarkets Clothing Stores Toy Stores


Working Principle: The alarm sensor of the anti-theft alarm system at 8.2MHz adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction. Specialized RF (Radio Frequency) labels or hard tags containing an 8.2MHz RF signal are attached to the merchandise. The alarm sensor emits a specific frequency of RF signal, and when merchandise with the tagged labels passes through the detection area, the sensor receives a feedback signal. If an unremoved tag is detected, the alarm will be triggered..Detection Range: This type of alarm sensor typically has an adjustable detection range, ranging from a few feet to several meters, to accommodate different installation needs. Sensors are usually placed at entrances or specific monitoring areas to ensure coverage of the entire suspicious activity zone..Deactivation Method: To prevent false alarms, store employees or customers need to use dedicated deactivation tools to remove the RF tags after purchasing the merchandise. These deactivation tools effectively disable the RF tags, thus avoiding triggering the alarm when leaving the store..Alarm Type: When the alarm sensor detects an unremoved RF tag, it triggers the alarm. The alarm is usually signaled by sound (e.g., a buzzer) and/or visual indicators (flashing lights), while the alarm information is displayed at the alarm center or on security personnel's monitoring devices..Interference Resistance: To ensure the reliability of the alarm system, the anti-theft alarm sensor at 8.2MHz requires strong interference resistance. This helps to prevent external electronic devices or wireless signals from interfering with the proper functioning of the sensor, maintaining system stability and accuracy.



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