30pcs Mini Split Jump Ring with Double Loops Small Metal Rings Connectors for Jewelry Necklaces Bracelets Earrings Crafts Ornaments and DIY Arts (0.31in, Silver)


Mini & Light: Extremely light to be easily carried around with no extra burden..Stable & Flexible: The double loops of each ring are firmly closed for tight connection. They have sufficient tension to easily move items in or out of them without deformation..Flexible Wires: The wire loops have sufficient tension and can easily restore to their original shape, making it easy and quick to move items in or out of them..Sturdy & Reliable: The well-built steel split rings are resistant to breakage, rust or corrosion. It also makes for a smooth surface for comfortable touch..Versatile Uses: These mini rings are ideal for connecting pendants, DIY jewelry or handicrafts. The keychain are handy to hold keys, luggage tags, ornaments or other items with holes.



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