US Police Car Driving, Racing & Chasing Simulator Game : High Speed Pursuit & Crime City Showdown : Patrol Drive & Robber Escape Mission


Experience the rush of adrenaline high speed police car chases in open world environment..An action packed cop car chases to hit the streets as a powerful force of justice..Police cars are chasing down criminals through the city streets in a thrilling pursuit..Most realistic police driving game and cop duty police car simulator game..Wide modes of selection and authentic simulation experience of being a cop in a bustling city..Step into the shoes of a law enforcement officer and navigate the open-world environment..Power to enforce the law and justice in the crime chase car racing action game..Drive, drift, stunt, crash, chase and arrest criminals in extreme precious driving simulator..Explore the grand city environment with 3D graphics and immersive sound effects..Especially developed this game for kids, adults and real police car games lover.



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