AnHome Keyboard Cleaner Kit Cleaning Tool 7 in 1 for Airpod iPhone MacBook Laptop Monitor Computer Keyboard Brush, Apple Airpods Cell Phone Earbud PC iPad and Electronic Screen Cleaners


[7 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL CLEANER KIT]: Electronic cleaning kit includes a cleaning pen for earbuds with silicone nip, screen cleaner tool, mini brush and flocking sponge brush. The cleaning kit is good for macbook cleaning kit, airpod cleaner, laptop cleaner, phone cleaner, airpod cleaner kit, phone cleaning kit, iphone cleaning kit, laptop screen cleaner, airpod cleaning kit, airpods cleaning kit, headphones, keyboards, PC monitors, cameras lens, etc.[COMPACT DESIGN FOR EASY STORAGE AND CARR]: Keyboard Cleaning Kit fits smaller than the palm of your hand, making it easy-to-carry in pocket or handbag. 7 in 1 Electronic cleaner kit is a must-have for macbook cleaner, earbuds, earphones, computer cleaning kit, ipad cleaner, apple airpod cleaner kit, laptop keyboard cleaner, keyboard brush for Men or Women.[RETRACTABLE BRUSH AND KEY REMOVER FOR CLEAN KEYBOARD KEYCAP]: Replacing keycaps and cleaning the bottom of the keyboard kit is no hassle with the simple key puller. The high-density brush is large and firm enough to clean flat surfaces such as keyboards and desktops with less labor.Screen Cleaner Mist and microfiber fiber cloth for Electronics: They are cleaning, antistatic, and degreasing. Easy to remove the oil and fingerprint for the screen of cell phone, tablet PC, laptop, indicator, TV; the glass of eyeglasses, and the lens and camera..[FLOCKING SPONGE]: Delicate and soft flocking sponge can clean the dust in the wireless charging case of the airpods cleaner, airpod cleaning tool kit, earbud cleaner..[HIGH-DENSITY BRUSH]: Easily clean the dirt on the sound outlet hole of the earphone and other parts. Metal Pen Tip: Metal pen tip can clean the stubborn dust, thoroughly clean the gap. Embedded Handle: Hold the top of the flocking sponge and pull it down while rotating.



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