AFERIY solar generator with solar panel 1200W Portable Power Station with 1pcs Foldable Solar Panel 200W (new-MWT), Solar Power Generator for RV Van House Outdoor Camping


【Power Station with Solar Panel Included】1*AFERIY AF-P110 solar power station 1248Wh/1200W,surge 2400W) and 1 * 200W foldable solar panels(AFERIY AF-S200) , all the accessories for AFERIY AF-P110 (AC charge cable +MC4-XT90 cable + dust cover + cord storage bag + operating instructions)..【AFERIY Portable Power Station 1200W】-Solar/AC/Car/Generator/LiFePO4 Battery Recharge: Wide 12-50V/Max. 200W/25A solar Input, MPPT, allowing full recharge AF-P110 within 3-4Hrs(Only if Max.200W solar input). About 1.5Hrs to fully recharge it with One 400W AC adapter & supports fully charged 1.5Hrs by dual AC+solar charging. You can fully recharge it by 24V/12Vcar in about 17Hrs. AC charge AF-S200 in about 2Hrs..【AFERIY 200W Solar Panel】It’s made of highly qualified mono-silicon cells with advanced MWT technology, Thus has better light transmittance, which can convert 23% of solar energy to free energy in full sunlight. And is more durable, scratch-proof, and easy to clean with a wet cloth. Foldable design with handle, weight only 9.9 lb (4.5kg). Convenient to carry around for outdoor camping. Easily adjust the angle by the kickstands for better solar absorption..【Solar Recharge time】According to the wide open circuit voltage range 12-50V, we recommend you can connect at 2pcs AF-S200 solar panel in series. The actual recharge time may vary from weather conditions, temperature, or the angle or the location at you place the solar panel..【Durable & Safer LiFePO4 Battery】Stability and safety are our top priorities, AF-010 Built-in LiFePO4 Battery Cell,3500+ super long life cycles at 85% to preserve battery life



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