ALEGI Aquarium Sponge Filter Pad, Bio Filter Media Foam Sponges, Cut-to-Size Foam for Fish Tank (20"x20"x1" (35PPI))


Efficient Filtration: The high-density and unique structure of the sponge provide exceptional mechanical filtration. It effectively captures and removes impurities, suspended particles, and waste from the water, maintaining a clear and stable aquatic environment for the well-being of your aquatic organisms..Premium Material: Manufactured from high-quality sponge material, this product ensures durability and long-term stability. The sponge is resistant to deformation, decomposition, and dissolution, maintaining its filtration efficiency and longevity..Easy Installation: Users can accurately cut it to the desired size and easily place it into the filtration system..Reusable: This Sponge is easy to clean and maintain. It can be washed and reused multiple times, allowing you to restore its filtration performance regularly and prolong its lifespan, offering an economical and eco-friendly filtration solution for aquarium enthusiasts..Size: 20x20x1 inch, 35PPI



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