TooPower Rechargeable Noise-Canceling Hearing Aids for Seniors - OTC Device with 3 Modes, 5 Volume Levels,DSP Digital Noise Reduction Chip - Nano Fit,Ideal for Elderly Hearing Loss,CIC Comfort Ear Fit


【Three Modes of Ear Hearing Aid Devices】The Hearing aid Earbuds has 3 modes for your option, help you better adapt to the surrounding environment. Normal Listening Mode : for Most Daily Discourse and Watching TV. Noisy Environment Mode: for Party, in Plane or other Noisy Situations.Tinnitus Masking Mode : For Tinnitus Sufferers or those who want to reduce Sensitivity to constant background Noise. Long Press any button for 3 seconds for Mode Selection(1 beep 1st) (2 beeps 2nd) (3 beeps 3rd).【Digital Hearing Aids】TooPower hearing aids use the latest DSP chip technology noise reduction processing, the volume increase is up to 30dB-35dB, providing a clear listening experience, no transmission loss, making conversations more smooth, ideal for most mild to moderate hearing loss choose..【Easy to operate】Automatically turn on/off when entering and leaving the charging box, put on and use immediately, 5 seconds power-on delay can avoid the whistling sound in front of the ear, tap to switch between 3 modes and 5-level volume according to your needs..【High cost performance】TOOPOWER offers an ergonomic design that sets it apart from traditional hearing aids. Unlike bulky options, this hearing amplifier won't interfere with your glasses, providing a comfortable and burden-free experience. Furthermore, it offers exceptional value, catering to both the elderly and adults. We've conducted tests showing comparable results to hearing aids costing over $4000. Each earphone's volume is adjustable to suit individual hearing differences and preferences.【Quick charge, long working time】The hearing aid is equipped with a portable charging case, 15 minutes quick charge, 2 hours full charge, Can work 45 hours at a time,using the charging case can work continuously for 140 hours. Put the hearing aid back into the charging box, it will automatically charge



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