Hand Crank Siren Horn Manual Operated Metal Alarm, Security Siren, Portable Emergency Siren, 120dB Loud Alarm Siren Horn for Schools Troops Alarming


Hand Crank Siren --- There is no need for power support, and the power is provided by shaking the handle to make the alarm send out an alarm . The sound level depends on the speed of the hand..120dB Loud Alarm --- The sound of the portable manual siren was so loudly (120dB) that it could be heard from 1/4 mile away. The sound is sharp, strong penetration, can achieve the ideal alarm effect..Premium Material --- The housing is made of durable metal for maximum strength and durability. Security siren is in small size, easy to carry and store, convenient to use and with good performance..Wide Application --- Widely used in factories, schools, troops, naturals disasters and seaside guards, etc. Effectively provide timely warnings during incidents, reduce casualties and property damage..Quality Assurance --- Manufactured according to strict quality control standards, it needs to go through many quality and safety inspections before leaving the factory to ensure the quality and stability.



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