dinnerdesign®Durable, Waterproof, Dog Feeding Mats 18” x 26” Woven in USA, Non-Slip, in The Gift Box, Easy to Clean, and Water Repellent Material, Quick to Dry (Oxford)


TRUSTED CHOICE : All dinnerdesign pet mats are marked by their durability, cleanability and ease of care. It is woven in the United States of America and designed in Turkey..DURABLE, WATERPROOF AND LONG LASTING : How Is Durability Defined? The basic definition of durability is “the ability to withstand repeated use over a fairly long period.” The woven surface of our pet mats features exceptional abrasion resistance. Very durable and maintain their look over long periods of time. It repels water and air-dries quickly, while the vinyl coating that covers its polyester fiber keeps water from ever soaking into the yarn..STAYS IN PLACE : Its extremely strong and flexible backing will help our mat stay in place..EASY TO CLEAN : Wipe or vacuum to remove dirt. Blot spills with a damp cloth. Hand rinse with water and detergent for deep cleaning. Air dry before using again. For stubborn stains, scrub gently with a soft brush and bleach-based cleanser. Occasionally lift and air out mats. Do not iron or machine wash..IN THE GIFT BOX : This functional pet mat for four-legged friends comes in an elegant gift box.



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