JAnimauxx Hyper Base Lbox Retro Game Console with Built in 4280 Top Games, Emulator console with 18 Emulators, 2TB Game Console HDD with LaunchBox Game System, Game Hard Drive for PC


🎮 LaunchBox Game System is a powerful and user-friendly tool for managing and playing emulated games on a Windows computer. it has a clean and intuitive user interface and supports a wide range of emulators, moreover offers a high degree of customization, give you a better gaming experience..🎮 Emulator console is compatible with 18 emulators, built-in 4280 popular games, compatible with PS4/PS3/PS2/WII/WIIU, etc. We have tested all games to ensure that the games are playable. Contact sales customer service for a list of games..🎮 Plug-and-play video game console can run under the windows system without installing redundant plug-ins to ensure the safety of your computer. It is suitable for win8.1/win10/win11 systems. USB3.0 output, transmission speed 6Gb/S, the game loads faster and runs more smoothly..🎮 The game console HDD uses 2T brand original external hard disk, portable game console, the quality is more guaranteed, the data transmission is fast, and the data is more secure..🎮 Retro game console has 2 controllers, the controller buttons are sensitive, and the game has no delay. The 2-meter wire makes your game space larger. It has a vibration motor to support the vibration scene, giving you a more realistic gaming experience..🎁【Gift】Free FTP server access. For a better customer experience, we have created a server and made some operation videos. We provide more game resources for you to download for free. Contact us to get the account password.



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