Black Owned Hood Charades and Jerome in The House Trivia Bundle to Spice up Your Game Night! Feel The Black Kulture and 90's Vibe with These Unique and Entertaining Card Games!


Uniquely Black Owned: This card game bundle includes "Hood Charades" and "Jerome in The House," both Black owned games that provide laughs, fun, and a way to honor our Black culture during game nights, parties, or family reunions..Easy to Play, Hard to Stop: Whether you're guessing phrases without saying certain words in Hood Charades, or tackling trivia from the 90's TV show in Jerome in The House, these games keep everyone on their toes and the fun never stops..Brings the Hood to You: With Hood Charades, you're not just playing a game, you're stepping into a unique cultural experience. It's trivia, it's charades, it's all Black, and it's all good!.A Blast from the Past: Jerome in The House brings your favorite 90's TV show back to life. Answer trivia questions, laugh, reminisce, and see who really knows their 90's culture..Quality You Can Trust: Both games include 100 premium playing cards, neatly packed in a custom box. Not just for families, these games can also be turned into adult party games. Keep score, or spice it up by making it a drinking game!



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