Pawfly Internal Aquarium Filter Adjustable Submersible Power Filter with 100 GPH Water Pump Quiet Biochemical Sponge Multifunctional Filter for Fish Tanks up to 30 Gallons


Triple Filtration: Contain a bio sponge, filter materials (filter balls, stones & ceramic rings) and activated carbon inside the filter box. Provide mechanical and biological filtration to keep fish tanks crystal clear and healthy..Deep Cleaning: The sponge traps large debris or wastes. The filter materials contain trace elements and can cultivate beneficial substances. And the activated carbon fully absorbs damaging substances to deodorize the water and reduce unhealthy gases..106 GPH Water Pump: 2 types of water outlets (drenching pipe & spraying pipe). Rotate the knob to freely adjust water flow as needed. Greatly drive water circulation to promote oxygen supplement..For 30 Gal Tanks: Size: 2.6" W x 7.7" H; Power: 5 W. Fit for 10-30 gallon fish tanks. You can customize the filter materials according to the breeding density of the fish..Easy to Clean: The filth and impurities will eventually flow to the bottom of filter barrel, rather than into the fish tank. Fold down the filter barrel hard left and right to take out the filter box and the sponge for cleaning. (Note: The Detachable Filter Box Will Be Available In 3 Months.)



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