Acymner 4" x 4" Lab Jack Scissor Stand Platform | Stainless Steel Laboratory Lift Stand, Lab Lift Stand Table Lifting Jack Platform, Expandable Lift Height Range 1.7"/45mm to 5.9"/150mm


Specifications: Lab jack size: 4" x 4”,expandable lift height range from 1.7"/45mm to 5.9"/150mm. The maximum bearing capacity of the platform lifting is 5kg/11lbs..Premium Quality: The upper and lower panels of the laboratory lift table are made of high-quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust. With galvanized bracket in the middle, the structure is stable. The combination of a rotating shaft and a handwheel allows the scissor jack platform to be freely adjusted in height..Professional Design: The adjustable height design makes the lab lift stand table convenient for you to conduct experiments at different heights. The bottom plate of the lifting platform has 4 rubber pads to reduce wear and reduce noise. The surface of the scissor lift is smooth and easy to clean. Just wipe it with water or a damp cloth to clean it up. Do not use acid or alkaline cleaners to clean it, so as not to damage the surface gloss..Easy to Use: Our lab jack scissor stand platform has high hardness and is not easy to bend. According to the weight and area of the object, choose the appropriate lifting platform. Just put the the scissor lift on the flat ground and rotate the the black knob by hand to raise the platform lifting to a suitable height..Wide Applications: The lab jack scissor stand platforms can be used not only in experiments, but also in school teaching and industrial production. At the same time, it can be used to support the height of objects in daily life.