Enormous Dan Garden Hose 100 ft, Water Garden Hose, Flexible stainless steel metal water hose with 10 mode nozzle, durable, leak-free, kink-free, heavy-duty garden hose


Measure: water hose is 100ft long, 10 pounds weight. Garden hose is a sturdy hoses that don't kink and are easy to roll up which will make gardening chores easier for you.25ft/3.3pounds, 50ft/5.8pounds, 75ft/8pounds, 100ft/10pounds..Material: Garden hose features a PVC inner tubing and an outer protective covering made from stainless steel which resists cuts, punctures, abrasions, and tears, so you can expect to pull this hose across cement, garden tools, rocks, and more without puncturing or cutting it..Connection: Garden hoses come with brass fittings and rubber hose washers(2 extra rubber hose washers will be packed in your order as gift) at each end that provide a sturdy, nonslip hold while attaching the hose to the spigot or nozzle..Nozzle: Garden hose comes with an included nozzle and features a 10 different mode smooth-twist spray adjustment. The nozzle is coated in nonslip rubber, both on the tip of the nozzle and on its fitting..Functional: Garden hose can be used for watering flower beds, clearing off decking,washing a minivan, rinsing out compost bin and garbage cans, adding water to a pool, watering pets and allowing children to enjoy playing in the sprinkler.



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