Fieemoo Indoor Insect Trap Non-Zapper Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors, Mosquito Traps with Bug Light, Suction & Bottom Air Drying Tray, Gnat Traps for House Indoor, Bug Catcher & Killer Sliver Blue


APPLICATION AREA: Our indoor insect trap can be ideally placed indoor such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office. Mosquito traps work best in dark, unoccupied environments, reducing light sources and human attraction to mosquitoes. The gnat trap can be turned on several hours in advance. Placed near insect-ridden fruit, plants, or kitchen trash cans are also ideal for catching some fruit flies..EASY TO USE: The fruit fly fraps for fndoors adopts a touch screen, timing function and wind speed function for you to choose, the noiseless design will accompany you to sleep soundly all night. TYPE-C interface is equipped with data cable and plug, energy saving and environmental protection, 24-hour plug-in use is recommended..UNIQUE MOSQUITO TRAP: Adopted new generation of Pink-Purple UV LED light beads, the light wave range of 365-395 nm. The effect of the lamp beads is 70% of the lamp bulb bug zapper, but the service life is 400% of them, and there is no need to frequent replace.Buy stickers to enhance the effect..POWERFUL TRAPPING DESIGN: The physical principle of our gnat traps for house indoor is to kill gnat by inhalation. Do not open it immediately to prevent gnat from escaping. Regular cleaning is recommended for half a month or a month, and the mosquitoes will dry and die naturally. The round attractant works better. (Please uncover the seal of the bait).COMPACT AND SAFE: The Non-Zapper indoor insect trap use a fan whirlpool to inhale mosquitoes, physical mosquito control, no harm and no radiation to human body. EPA Est. Numb.: 92299-CHN-1. Get rid of fruit flies, gnats, and mosquitos. Not effective on house flies.



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