Ksequ Writing Tablet for Adults- 6.5″&6″ Digital Notebook,Double-Sided Full Screen LCD Writing Tablet,Electronic Notebook with Pen for School,Office,Home,Erasable


【Delicate and Ultra-portable】6.5”Dimensions,but 12.5”Capacity.Only 0.2” thickness and 2OZ weight,double-sided full screen makes mini LCD writing tablet for adults thinner than a cell phone and ultra-portable. It can be your electronic notepad writing tablet.Real pen and paper handwriting experience,but more recyclable than pen and paper..【Back to School Supplies】Do you need scratch paper?Yes especially for students.Then choose a writing tablet with attached pen. The digital notepad can write 50,000-100,000 times and save a lot of scratch paper.Saving paper means saving trees and money.It’s must be back to school supplies..【Can Be Your Ears and Mouth】Double-sided full screen LCD writing tablet will be very good friends and right-hand man for people with hearing or speech impairment.The writing tablet can be ears and mouth,help you communicate and express whenever and wherever possible by handwriting..【Office Gadgets and Message Board】LCD writing tablet can be your digital planner,electronic notebook and office gifts. The e ink tablet with one-click clear key is electronic notepad writing tablet perfect for taking quick notes, marking up documents or sketching out ideas..【Be cautious in purchasing】Our engineers try hard to provide you with good products, but we must admit that there are problems that cannot be improved under the present conditions.That is it may be difficult to see the handwriting on tablet in a low light.Thank you for the cooperation!We're still working on it..【Quality Assurance】Double-sided full screen LCD writing tablet provide one-year warranty. If you have any question about the writing tablet, please let us know through the buyer messages. We will solve all the problems for you within 24 hours.