SPYDOGE Hidden Camera Detector – Bug and Hidden Camera Detector – Anti-Spy Detector for Hidden Devices – RF Signal GPS Tracker Detector – Portable Listening Device Detector for Indoor Outdoor


Your Privacy is in Safe Hands: With the Spydoge hidden camera and bug detector, it’s so easy to detect any attempt of spying, eavesdropping or location tracking and enjoy your privacy and security while protecting your information..3 Detection Modes: Our camera finder hidden camera detector has 3 detection modes – Full-Band to detect RF signals, Wireless Mode and Infrared/Laser mode for light or heat-emitting devices, covering all wireless devices, transmitters or hidden bugs..High-Performance Detection: This hidden devices detector is equipped with a high-sensitivity smart chip that can easily detect a wide range of devices including bugs, wireless cameras (1.2G/2.4G/5.8G), wiretaps, phone taps, GPS locators, pinhole cameras, and other unauthorized surveillance devices..Portable and Compact: The GPS tracking device detector is very compact and portable, with a user-friendly interface and one-button operation that allows you to adjust the sensitivity and range detection, scanning your surroundings with ease..Extremely Versatile: Our GPS tracker detector will become an essential accessory for everyday life! It features a 30-gram, lightweight design that’s easy to use, 25 hours running time and a 10sqm detection range, ideal to scan your hotel room, office, home, car, workspace and more.



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