1.57-inch Gold Plated Lucky Coin with Transparent Protective Case, Featuring a Koi Fish Leaping Over Dragon Gate and Auspicious Chinese Symbols for Success and Good Fortune


Inspirational Front Design: The coin's front side depicts a koi fish leaping over the Dragon Gate, symbolizing perseverance, ambition, and the transformation into greatness..Auspicious Inscription: The front side is adorned with the Chinese phrase "鱼跃龙门," representing overcoming challenges and achieving success..Fortunate Backside: The reverse side showcases the Chinese character "福" (meaning good fortune) along with other auspicious elements, adding a touch of luck and prosperity to the coin..Premium Quality: Made with a 1.57-inch diameter gold-plated material, ensuring durability and long-lasting shine..Transparent Protective Case: Each coin comes with a clear protective case, keeping it safe from scratches and dust while maintaining its pristine appearance.



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