DC Boost Converter 12V to 19V 5A 95W, Waterproof Car Power Supply Step-Up Module with Overcurrent Protection for LED Displays, Surveillance, Networking Equipment and Portable Devices


Advanced Protection: The DC step-up module ensures safety with built-in over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, and overheating protection. Its automatic safeguard features preserve both the converter and connected devices..Durable & Reliable Design: Crafted with a high-quality FR-4 multilayer PCB and robust SMD components like resistors, capacitors, and MOS tubes, this boost converter is built for longevity and consistent performance..Waterproof Construction: Sealed with organic silicone, the module boasts a waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant design, making it ideal for harsh environments and ensuring reliable operation in various conditions..Efficient Performance: Utilizing synchronous voltage stabilization technology, the module operates with low heat emission while delivering sufficient power and stable output, making it energy-efficient..Versatile Applications: This 12V to 19V step-up converter is perfect for a wide range of electronics, from buses and surveillance systems to electronic refrigerators and CNC equipment, providing flexibility for various power needs.