Upgrade Digital Submersible Aquarium Heaters 500W, 50-130 Gal Fish Tank Heater with External Digital LED Temperature Controller and Double Quartz Explosion-Proof Tubes, for Fresh and Salt Water


Digital LED Temperature Controller: Digital aquarium heater precise temperature control, Accuracy:±1°F, Real-time monitoring of water temperature ,the adjustable temperature range of the fish tank heaters is 59℉-93℉, the unique rotary switch design, the operation of setting the temperature is more simple and convenient, Aquarium Heaters digital LED thermostat placed outside the fish tank, when adjusting the temperature, no Don't worry about getting your hands wet from the water in the fish tank.Safety and Explosion-Proof: 500W the adjustable Aquarium Heater is made of quartz glass, and the heating part is made of High temperature resistant alloy heating wire material, which is explosion-proof and durable. The inside of the inline aquarium heaters is sealed with integrated silicone to prevent electric leakage.Anti-Boiling Fish System: When the water temperature reaches the set temperature, Submersible aquarium heaters the power will be automatically cut off. Intelligent induction design, when the fish tank water heater is exposed to the air out of water, it will display an E1 fault code, give a warning, and automatically cut off the power. When the water temperature exceeds 95°F, the E2 fault code is displayed and the power is forced to shut off.High-Efficiency and Energy-Saving Design: The aquarium water heater adopts a high-efficiency double-tube heating structure, fast heating, water heater for fish tank multi-stage frequency conversion design, intelligent power adjustment, the closer the water temperature is to the set temperature, the lower the power, frequency conversion heating, power saving and energy saving.After-Sales Service: Welcome to choose our fish bowl heater to create a beautiful aquarium environment and enhance the experience of fish farming and watching fish. We attach great importance to product safety and quality issues and customer experience. If you have any questions, wholeheartedly solve them for you



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