Tofficu 18Pcs Airplane Erasers Plane Erasers Helicopter Pencil Eraser Cute Erasers Cartoon Eraser for Kids Party Favors


【Cute Airplane Shape】This set of erasers is in the shape of an airplane, which is simple and interesting, making people unable to resist playing..【Necessary for learning stationery】Eraser suitable for students to add fun to homework and note-taking, and to help study..【Colorful Colors】6 each of yellow, pink, and blue, the rich colors make your office and learning environment more lively..【Suitable as a prize】This set of airplane erasers is not only suitable for your own use, but also a good gift. It is very suitable as a prize for students outstanding performance..【A set of 18PCS】A set contains 18 erasers, which can be by families or classes to share happiness.



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