Five spices mushroom sauce bottled [245g/bottle], Fragrant and spicy noodles and rice sauce hot pot dip, Rich and fragrant mushroom sauce, mushroom sauce seasoning (Five spices,1 bottle)


Product name: spiced mushroom sauce 245g bottle, original spicy sauce spicy rice dressing, 五香香菇酱拌面拌饭酱 香菇酱调味调料品 香辣调味酱增味酱.Shelf life: 730 days (the date on the package is the production date, not the deadline).Package specification: [ Five spices ] 245g/bottle, [ Fragrant and Spicy ] 245g/bottle, [ Numb and Spicy ] 245g/bottle.Raw materials and raw materials: Yaoshan mushroom, edible vegetable oil, sauce, sesame, edible salt.Storage method: store at normal temperature, and refrigerate after opening the lid



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