Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm (FM231) & Wireless Digital Keypad (FM137)


Product 1: Instantly alerts you when someone pulls into or out of your driveway.Product 1: The outdoor electromagnetic sensor only detects vehicles; no false alarms due to animals, children, etc..Product 1: Easy-to-install Electromagnetic Sensor Wand is buried next to your driveway, and detects mass metal moving within a 3-12 ft. radius of the wand..Product 1: When a vehicle passes by the sensor, an outdoor transmitter communicates wirelessly to an internal base station up to 400 ft. away and sounds a pleasant chime.Product 2: Wireless weatherproof keypad..Product 2: Numeric keypad for controlled access with simple programming that can hold up to 25 access codes. Additionally, you can have temporary codes that can be programmed to expire within one to seven days..Product 2: The Mighty Mule Digital Keypad is designed to work with all Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers; this is an ideal accessory for convenience and security..Product 2: Easy DIY (Do It Yourself) programming for your Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener system.



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