PATIKIL 1.4"x1.7" Refrigeration Compressor Rubber Mounting Feet, 6 Pack Foot Mount Anti Vibration Pad Replacement for Air Conditioner Refrigerator Electric Motor, Black


Color: Black; Material: Rubber; Inner Diameter: 11mm / 0.43 inch; Total Size: 36 x 42mm / 1.4 x 1.7 inch(OD*H); Package List: 6 x Feet Pads.Advantage: Rubber isolator mounts are not easy to deform and corrosion has good elastic properties and long service life. This absorber shock is stable and convenient to position and can be well-supported during use. Feet mount can avoid directly contact between the machine and the ground to produce marks, reduce the machine's vibration and noise during operation, and has good vibration isolation performance..Instruction: The installation is simple, and the corners of the machine can be directly inserted into the foot pad..Application: This foot pad is mainly used in household or outdoor air conditioners, refrigerators, generators, and compressors, supporting and achieving the effect of anti-vibration and noise reduction during the use of the machine. Feet mount can also be used in computer desk mats, sofa cushions, cabinets, etc..Note: Pay attention to the inner diameter of the feet pad according to your need before ordering.



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